```error: blob (key ".pulumi/locks/organization/pr...
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error: blob (key ".pulumi/locks/organization/project/stack/50ca3ab5-242f-412a-9cfc-9abf9d5d11d9.json") (code=Unknown): rename /tmp/50ca3ab5-242f-412a-9cfc-9abf9d5d11d9.json.17aff9636f6f6f63.tmp /data/.pulumi/locks/organization/project/stack/50ca3ab5-242f-412a-9cfc-9abf9d5d11d9.json: invalid cross-device link
anyone know why pulumi is trying to copy this file across? my
dir is mounted... this used to work but I recently upgraded to the latest version of pulumi
downgrading to v3.103.0 fixed the issue
hmm this will probably be due to gocloud.dev upgrade that was in 3.104. We haven't changed anything related to lock file code except for that library upgrade. Worth raising an issue at github so we keep track of this and can take a look.
For anyone else seeing this there's an issue tracking it at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/15352