Hey, I am trying to create an EKS cluster using <h...
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Hey, I am trying to create an EKS cluster using https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/pulumi/pulumi-eks/sdk/v2 and explicit providers (default providers disabled). I am getting an error saying that the
can not be created because
Default provider for 'aws' disabled. ... must use an explicit provider
. I am passing down the
provider to the
method via a parent. I am also passing down an explicit
provider (don't really understand the point of this since it takes no arguments) to the same method.
Curiously, creating a new aws provider and passing it to
fixed the issue. Shouldn't providers be passed amongst the parent?
They probably should be but the inheritance logic here was historically patchy and changing it now is a break change as it could cause resource replacements. Something we keep looking at, but not clear what the path forward is yet.
Alright, thank you @echoing-dinner-19531!
For anyone coming back to this later, I eventually fixed the issue by manually pulling the provider from the parent:
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awsProvider := parent.GetProvider("aws::")
and passing that provider to the `eks.NewCluser`method.