is there a way in pulumi to say "*update only this...
# kubernetes
is there a way in pulumi to say "*update only this one deployment*, ignore update of the rest of resources" regardless if they need update or not? Because commenting out those resources leads to deletion, which is not what I need, I need to quickly update a few particular resources and not touch any other resources
Hi Genadz! Yes, within pulumi you can use the
argument and provide the UPN towards the resource. The UPN can be seen in the
pulumi up --diff
pulumi stack export
commands. Note that if there are other resources that are dependent on the target resource, you might also need to execute
in order to update them as well.
Cool! is there also a way to do it programmatically in the program? like do as usual inside pulumi.Run() but before returning specify the target to context? 👀