# package-authoring


02/06/2024, 11:54 AM
hi, i am the author of the proxmox provider ( which uses the terraform bridge to bridge the terraform provider now, the terraform provider provides an old terraform sdk v2 version AND a new terraform provider framework version with new resources being added only here. both provider versions are multiplexed in the provider's main.go file (see issue: in the pulumi provider i currently only wrap the old terraform sdk v2 version. to get the new resources also mapped i'd need to kinda "mux" both provider versions behind the same "facade" = i need to multiplex the same way the terraform provider multiplexes in the main.go file. did anyone encounter such a setup already and/or can provide some details on how i can solve this issue? thanks! 🙂


02/14/2024, 2:07 AM
Hi @worried-energy-90920. If you got this working, great. 😄 Please ignore the rest of the message. The bridge has two muxing mechanisms, one too combine a TF provider and a Pulumi Provider. That is
, what @big-architect-71258 mentioned. There is also a mechanism specifically for mixing a plugin framework based provider with a sdk based provider. As an example, pulumi-akamai uses it: To upgrade your provider, there are instructions here: ## How to Upgrade a Bridged Provider to Plugin Framework.