Can anyone tell me what is happening with Pulumi d...
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Can anyone tell me what is happening with Pulumi documentation? How is it possible that it's gotten even worse over the years? The Go and Python docs are damn near unusable, on top of being swamped out by a dozen or more shitty "AI" answers any time I try to search for something. Can the Pulumi staff put some effort into writing actual documentation (like, I don't know, Terraform does) instead of forcing me to interrogate that craptastical "AI", wading through incomplete and sometimes downright wrong answers? What have you been training it on - Medium articles? I could have been drinking myself senseless but here I am.
While it doesn't solve your problem. To partially answer your question, the blog, the "learn" section of the website, workshops, slack and GitHub examples are great resources.
Hi @icy-chef-34317! We're working on improving the docs (which are separate/distinct from the Pulumi AI Answers portion of the site and are not AI-generated). You mention issues with the Go and Python API docs---can you give me some specific examples of issues that you're seeing? (We recently fixed an issue that was causing some of the properties to not have descriptions, for example.)
@icy-chef-34317 Very sorry to hear this and apologies for the poor experience here. I work on the docs team (still a small team, but we're actively hiring), and I'll share that we've got a lot more docs updates queued up for this quarter. I don't have a link to the actual list because it happens to be on an internal repo, but here's a screenshot of what we're currently planning, in case it helps (all of these issues are on public repos as well):
We're definitely committed to improving here, though, just so you know. Thanks for sticking with us through the process.
Just realized that was a terrible screenshot! This should be better:
Anyway, hope this helps convey that we really do indeed take this feedback to heart. And as Scott says, any concrete pointers or suggestions are always appreciated.
This is bound to happen. For Terraform there is only one set of documentation they have to support, while Pulumi has to update documentation for each language they support. May be this is time to stop and think if you have more languages in the roadmap. Focus on stabilising and documenting for existing languages before supporting more programming languages. As a beginner, my experience was not rosy. Even for simple scenarios I had problem after problem and nothing "just" worked.