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02/08/2024, 6:50 PM
I've run into an issue with the aws-native module I have
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import * as aws_native from "@pulumi/aws-native";
and then later
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const taskDefinition = new aws_native.ecs.TaskDefinition(stackName, {
  family: stackName,
}, {replaceOnChanges: ['*'] });
But when I run
pulumi preview
I get
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  aws-native:ecs:TaskDefinition (mon-s3filebeat):
    error: Resource type 'aws-native:ecs:TaskDefinition' not found.
I've checked the spelling and the docs and it really does exist. I also use practically identical code in other modules and they still work. Anyone know how I can work out what's broken?
I switched the TaskDefinition to aws classic and that seems OK now but the service is giving a similar error:
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error: Resource type 'aws-native:ecs:Service' not found.
I guess 0.95.0 means it's still not ready for real use.