Hey everyone! A topic has recently been brought up...
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Hey everyone! A topic has recently been brought up and Iā€™d like to gauge community feedback. Would the community find a Pulumiverse Community meeting beneficial? If so, what sort of cadence would the community find useful? Quarterly, monthly, biweekly?
Based on Pulumiverse questions / feedback I've seen, I'd guess that the most helpful thing a community meeting could do would be to demo things like how to use the boilerplate projects, how to migrate a project into Pulumiverse, etc. Which suggests a cadence of "whenever the process changes" might be a place to start?
If we could finally get rid of the boilerplate repos, that would be great šŸ‘šŸ¼ aside that, a quarterly community meeting would be sufficient right now. From my experience the Pulumiverse community is not that vibrant right now that a shorter frequence could be justified. But feel free to prove me wrong.
If we could finally get rid of the boilerplate repos
Replaced with what?
@echoing-dinner-19531 For the boilerplate repository to wrap a TF provider using TF Bridge I created a Cookiecutter template, which has been used by a couple of people here successfully. https://github.com/tmeckel/pulumi-tf-provider-cookiecutter. And the other boilerplate repos should be replaced by an equal approach, i.e. assistant driven with dynamic elements baked in which could determine versions of dependencies for example. I heard that @orange-policeman-59119 has something in his sleeve which is implemented in GO like https://github.com/pulumi/ci-mgmt which might fit better into the technical landscape of Pulumi than something implemented with Python. Whereas I must say that Cookiecutter is a very capable templating engine used by thousands including Microsoft in Visual Studio. So personally I wouldn't implement something for myself, that has to be maintained. Copy comments of @enough-garden-22763 and @ancient-policeman-24615 about boilerplates: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-terraform-bridge/pull/1633#discussion_r1462119918 https://pulumi-community.slack.com/archives/C04NPQTRKM4/p1706898186907059