i am trying to create a new eks cluster using one ...
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i am trying to create a new eks cluster using one of my existing vpc and subnet's but i keep getting the error
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Error: eks:index:Cluster is not assignable from {vpcId: string, subnetIds: string, instanceType: string, desiredCapacity: number, minSize: number, maxSize: number, createOidcProvider: boolean, version: string}
      on Pulumi.yaml line 13:
here is my code
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name: outbound-proxy
runtime: yaml
description: OpenSIPS  proxy

    type: eks:Cluster
      vpcId: vpc-xxxx
      subnetIds: subnet-xxx','subnet-xx'
      instanceType: t2.medium
      desiredCapacity: 2
      minSize: 1
      maxSize: 3
      createOidcProvider: true
      version: "1.18"
    # To use the EKS module from Pulumi, these options need to specify the Pulumi EKS package version
      version: 1.0.3 # Update to use the appropriate version

# The Pulumi EKS package simplifies creating EKS clusters.
# Documentation for `eks.Cluster`: <https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/eks/api-docs/cluster/>

  kubeconfig: ${myEksCluster.kubeconfig}
  clusterName: ${myEksCluster.name}
  clusterEndpoint: ${myEksCluster.endpoint}