Hi All, Have a question around <Azure-Native-2.28....
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Hi All, Have a question around Azure-Native-2.28.0 ApplicationGateway Identity UserAssignedIdentities. I am setting the values and can see when I deploy my stack that the Identity is set correctly set for the application gateway, double checked it exists via cli calls to check with expected values. However, I have some c# unit tests around this to check that the value is set to what we expect for each environment however, this is always null. I can see in the mocks that the value exists in the NewResourceAsync method so is being passing through correctly and that the Type is correctly set. Wondering if this is a bug and it isn't converting the updated List<string> Input to Dictionary<string, object> Output for the ManagedServiceIdentityResponse as it worked for Azure-Native-V1 when boththe UserAssignedIdentities input and output are the same type of Dictionary<string, object>?