:wave: Hi everyone! `+ └─ awsx:ecr:Image ...
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👋 Hi everyone!
+   └─ awsx:ecr:Image                             image               created (0.39s)
+ └─ dockerindexImage 2ede5c99-container creating failed 1 error Diagnostics: dockerindexImage (2ede5c99-container): error: error reading build output: failed to read downloaded context: failed to load cache key: invalid response status 403 When trying to use example from doc:
package myproject;
import com.pulumi.Context; import com.pulumi.Pulumi; import com.pulumi.awsx.ecr.Repository; import com.pulumi.awsx.ecr.RepositoryArgs; import com.pulumi.awsx.ecr.Image; import com.pulumi.awsx.ecr.ImageArgs; public class App { public static void main(String[] args) { Pulumi.run(App::stack); } public static void stack(Context ctx) { var repository = new Repository("repository", RepositoryArgs.builder() .forceDelete(true) .build()); var image = new Image("image", ImageArgs.builder() .repositoryUrl(repository.url()) .context("./app") .platform("linux/amd64") .build()); ctx.export("url", repository.url()); } }
Are you using Docker Desktop?
I wonder if you might be hitting something similar to this: https://github.com/kreuzwerker/terraform-provider-docker/issues/534
yes, DockerDesktop on Mac
it works when I disable the flag. Error message is very misleading
Awesome! Glad that worked. I’m not sure how much control we have over that, given the mechanics at work here, but I’ll ask, and we’ll see if we can get this documented also. Thanks for calling it out!