I have to specify the order of applying this funct...
# general
I have to specify the order of applying this function for it to work I am trying to deploy a subnet called TEST-DMZ and i am not sure how to refernciate that in the function get_private_ip def create_node_subnet(name, cidr_blocks, is_subnet_private, security_list, vcn): try: node_subnet = oci.core.Subnet(name, cidr_block=cidr_blocks, compartment_id=compartment_id, prohibit_public_ip_on_vnic=is_subnet_private, display_name=name, security_list_ids=[security_list.id], vcn_id=vcn.id, ) return node_subnet.id,node_subnet except Exception as error: print("Node subnet Creation failed " + str(error)) def get_private_ip(private_ip, subnet_id): private_ips_by_ip_address = oci.core.get_private_ips(subnet_id=subnet_id,ip_address=private_ip, opts=pulumi.ResourceOptions(depends_on=["TEST-DMZ"])); return private_ips_by_ip_address.private_ips[0].id Exception: 'depends_on' was passed a value TEST-DMZ that was not a Resource.