config: PulumiAwsVpc:data: aws:region: us-we...
# aws
config: PulumiAwsVpcdata awsregion us-west-1 active: true vpcName: pulumiVpc vpcCidr: wLoadSubnetName: wLoadSubnet01 vRouterSubnetName: vRouterSubnet01 wLoadSubnetCidr: vRouterSubnetCidr: vpcSecurityGroupName: pulumiVpcSecurityGroup igwName: pulumiIgw rtTable : pulumiRtTable sgGroup: pulumiSgGroup
You have two options: 1. You can create a separate stack for each region. Given that you need to provide separate CIDRs for each VPC and set of subnets (generally), this may be the best approach. 2. You can create explicit providers in code, and specify their region at that time. This would allow you to create multiple VPCs in different regions in a single stack, but you’ll need to take steps to provide separate CIDRs and such for each region.