I am importing the existing instances this way, gc...
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I am importing the existing instances this way, gcp.compute.Instance(vm_name, name=vm_name, boot_disk = get_boot_disk_gcp_api(instance.disks[0]), attached_disks = get_attached_disk_gcp_api(instance, DISK_REF), machine_type = get_machine_type_gcp_api(instance), network_interfaces = get_network_interfaces_gcp_api(instance), tags = [item for item in instance.tags.items], labels = instance.labels, metadata = get_metadata_gcp_api(instance), project=GCP_PROJECT, zone=zone_fullname, opts=pulumi.ResourceOptions(import_=f'{GCP_PROJECT}/{zone_fullname}/{vm_name}')) I am giving lables then the pulumi preview is trying to add lables which is already present to all the instances. warning: inputs to import do not match the existing resource; importing this resource will fail = gcpcompute/instanceInstance: (import) [id=projects/my-project/zones/us-west1-b/instances/vm-prod-1] [urn=urnpulumiproduction-usw1:computeenginegcpcompute/instanceInstance:vm-prod-1] [provider=urnpulumiproduction-usw1:computeenginepulumiprovidersgcpdefault 7 9 0:04da6b54-80e4-46f7-96ec-b56ff0331ba9] ~ labels: { + ansible_group: "demand_search" + env : "production" } These labels already exists then why is it showing : +