``` [id=something] [urn=urn:pulumi:...
# kubernetes
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      ~ spec: {
          ~ source: "TyfwVfQp.mjs" => "vF9be9rS.mjs"
error: Preview failed: 1 error occurred:
	* the Kubernetes API server reported that "something" failed to fully initialize or become live: Server-Side Apply field conflict detected. see <https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/kubernetes/how-to-guides/managing-resources-with-server-side-apply/#handle-field-conflicts-on-existing-resources> for troubleshooting help
: Apply failed with 1 conflict: conflict with "node-fetch" using <http://component.tm1.tktm.io/v1beta1|component.tm1.tktm.io/v1beta1>: .spec.source
error: preview failed
Someone did modify the object with openlens in and now pulumi cannot do anything about it. Any idea what we are doing wrong? That’s kind of normal step for us.
The link in the error message is a good resource for resolving this. If it's normal for you to make manual modifications, the annotation approach is best
Awesome 🙂
If you need manual modifications to persist, and not have pulumi overwrite, then you can use the
option too https://www.pulumi.com/docs/concepts/options/ignorechanges/
Yeah this is manage by the same operator. Just they did the change in the openlens
Will go with the patch force annotation
That was a simple CR object that have 2 field in the spec. So we are not using like the
like the example
It works for standard resources too
yeah that’s what I’m reading 😛
I guess it’s because we are using the pulumi k8s 4.x.x 🙂
Yes, SSA become the default for 4.x