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02/26/2024, 5:50 AM
Hi. I’m trying to define my CustomResource which contains digitalOcean k8s. The problem is I need to import existing kubernetes cluster into my project. I’m able to import cluster when I define k8s cluster outside the custom resource by using:
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pulumi import 'digitalocean:index/kubernetesCluster:KubernetesCluster' my_cluster xxxxx-xxx-xxx
I’ve already tried to import it to the custom recourse by:
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pulumi import 'custom:mycode:Kubernetes$digitalocean:index/kubernetesCluster:KubernetesCluster' my_cluster xxxxx-xxx-xxx
but it says:
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error: preview failed: failed to validate provider config: could not find latest version for provider custom: 404 HTTP error fetching plugin from <>. If this is a private GitHub repository, try providing a token via the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable. See: <>
I understand why it shows this, but don’t understand how to fix that. can you suggest?
nevermind. Figured it out.