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02/26/2024, 5:03 PM
Can anyone give a working example of using cleanupPolicy with ArtifactRegistry on the native sdk? It's currently a map of strings to strings and the schema for the string is not specified anywhere. I get that the feature is experimental and using a string avoids breaking changes in the typescript sense but at least some examples or a schema for the string should be provided in these cases. It was introduced in cc @happy-parrot-60128 @tall-librarian-49374
For example, I've tried:
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export const dockerRegistry = new gcloud.artifactregistry.v1.Repository(
    project: config.projectId,
    location: "us",
    format: gcloud.artifactregistry.v1.RepositoryFormat.Docker,
    repositoryId: dockerRegistryId,
    // See <>
    cleanupPolicies: {
      "delete-pull-request-images": JSON.stringify(
          id: "delete-pull-request-images",
          action: "DELETE",
          condition: {
            older_than: "432000s",
            tag_prefixes: ["pr-"]
    cleanupPolicyDryRun: true,
    ignoreChanges: ["createTime", "updateTime"],
But you get a generic 400 error and can't tell what went wrong.