ayooo <@UB8C33JJG> seem to be getting intermittent...
# esc
ayooo @echoing-match-29901 seem to be getting intermittent eval errors as of a few minutes ago, screenshot attached. did we recently deploy a change to ESC? Edit: seems to flash this error a few times when first loading a valid ESC config. when saving the config, it adds an extra line to the end
yup, its on and off. looks like config is being rapidly re-evaluated repeatedly and sometimes seeing this. no issues on save.
hey @magnificent-soccer-44287! I'm not able to repro this behavior. is it on all your environments or just this one specifically?
hey Komal, It was for all of them. For a bit. But I am unable to give you clear steps to reproduce now too. Was happening in Chrome/Firefox/Edge, seems to be gone now
Thank you @magnificent-soccer-44287. If it does happen again, please let us know! If could you share the repro steps (or video - even better), that'd be great.