# aws


02/28/2024, 3:56 PM
Hi all, beginner Pulumi user here (python + aws) and a few weeks ago I setup a vpc/subnets,routetables,peering etc with Pulumi. Today I came back to this project and made some extensive rewrite of my pulumi code, however the output should be exactly the same. When i run pulumi up it want's to replace most of the vpc parts. Is this most likely because of my code changes or because of manual changes to the vpc it's self? Some things were modified in the aws console such as routes and peering connections so I suspect that is the culprit, but how can I identify why pulumi wants to destroy / recreate these things?
After a pulumi up --refresh it is more obvious that it's manual changes that cause this. In my case the code was unfinished and some parts were completed manually, so I believe that updating the code so that it would create the same changes as were manually done will stop it from trying to destroy/recreate them.. i hope


02/28/2024, 6:44 PM
It will. Be careful of name changes and parenting changes. You can also view the detailed diffs; changes to any properties that are marked in the docs with a refresh symbol cause the resource to be recreated.


02/28/2024, 9:00 PM
Thanks for the reply, I will check it