# general


03/01/2024, 7:13 AM
Hi I have a use case where I have a bunch of cloudformation templates that I need to deploy (about 50 in various regions in the account). Some are unique (like, there is a singular template for IAM roles), some are repeated (there is 1 template for autoscaling groups that is deployed 10 times or so). The customer needs to be able to modify parameters in the stacks. Like, change the number of instances in the autoscaling group by modifying the CloudFormation parameter. Is there a straightforward way to: 1. Do the initial deployment of all the stacks using Pulumi, feeding the cloudformation templates with values for the parameters they require 2. Be able to modify the Pulumi stack by adding or removing CloudFormation stacks, deploying new templates or deleting the old ones 3. Have Pulumi ignore changes to parameters in the CloudFormation stack (like, if the customer changes the number of instances in the autoscaling group from CloudFormation directly without using Pulumi) ?