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03/05/2024, 10:05 AM
Hello šŸ‘‹ Is there a parameter that can be set to "force" Pulumi to import a resource even though the configuration of the resource does not match 100%? Context: Because the "Get a User" API does not return the connection name, Pulumi always sees that attribute has a diff, and it can't be ignored because the "create a user" and the "update a user" API require that attribute. I was hoping the InvokeOptions class would accept a transformation that would allow to somehow inject the connection name even though the API does not return it but I couldn't find a way to do that.


03/05/2024, 10:10 AM
Things I can think of that might work, though I've not tested any of them: ā€¢ You could try setting
on the connection name and seeing if this means that
pulumi preview
will accept the import as good. ā€¢ You could try exporting the state manually
pulumi ... stack export > stack.json
and manually editing the JSON to make connection names line up, before
stack import < modified-stack.json
and then running the preview. If you do this, definitely take a backup of the unmodified export first.


03/05/2024, 10:30 AM
unfortunately adding the connection name to the ignore changes list leads to an error because the connection name is a required parameter šŸ˜ž
pulumi stack import
command has a
parameter but that'd require doing the import outside of the code šŸ˜• I was hoping maybe a similar parameter would exist as part of the import-as-code logic