`crosswalk` - `awsx` hmmmm. I searched this channe...
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hmmmm. I searched this channel for it and only came up with 2 posts. I'm wondering - do people use it? I have a hunch that people don't really.
We spent a couple days with it, and although some things seem easier, the classic pulumi libraries are actually less work.. because we find ourselves trying to reverse engineer things.
wants to use .. anti-patterns. Default VPC's, Default alb target groups.. and all the examples seem to do the same. I guess my first impression is that I'd expect a higher level library to steer you in the direction of a well architected design... because if not, I'd rather construct my own well architected components on top of the base library.. instead of doing it on top of crosswalk that does it on top of the base library. 🤔 Does anyone have a similar experience?