Hi, I'm getting this error when trying to update v...
# aws
Hi, I'm getting this error when trying to update value of an SSM Parameter:
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aws:ssm:Parameter (/xxx):
      error: 1 error occurred:
      	* updating urn:pulumi:xxx::xxx::aws:ssm/parameter:Parameter::/xxx: 1 error occurred:
      	* updating SSM Parameter (/xxx): ParameterAlreadyExists: The parameter already exists. To overwrite this value, set the overwrite option in the request to true.
I historically created the parameter with
parameter set to
but since the attribute became deprecated, removed it and updated the stack. Now I wanted to change the value and got the error above. What worked for me was to exporting the stack to a file using
pulumi stack export
, deleting the dangling
"overwrite": false
attribute for SSM parameters, importing the stack back using
pulumi stack import
, refreshing the stack using
pulumi refresh
and then
pulumi up
. I'm not sure however if this is the recommended way to handle it, and if it's needed in the first place. How should that work? Thanks