# automation-api


03/07/2024, 2:22 PM
Hi everyone 👋 I am trying to use the flag target in the automation api (python) to target a specific resource like this however running it shows updating for different resources not related that I am trying to omit from the update, I tried checking if any change happens but it seems to be no issue and other targets are not being touched except for this updating output here , is this ok? any ideas?
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# code here 
_up = stack.up(on_output=print, color='always', target=target)
#output here 
@ updating.......
    pulumi:providers:kubernetes render-yaml-gateway-partners 
    gcp:storage:Bucket bananabucket 
    gcp:compute:Address proxy-xlb-static-ip-partners 
    gcp:compute:RegionUrlMap xlb-proxy-partners-http