Hi there, I’m trying to get Pulumi config from Pyt...
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Hi there, I’m trying to get Pulumi config from Python code, if use
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pulumi_config = pulumi.Config()
Config = pulumi_config.get_object("Internal")
it return values as json as epxected but if use
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Config = pulumi_config.require_object("Internal")
it return
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error: Exception calling application: Missing required configuration variable 'project:Internal'
        please set a value using the command `pulumi config set project:Internal <value>`
it’s not my expectation. do you guys have any ideas to fix it? Here is the content of file Pulumi.Internal.yaml
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encryptionsalt: v1:7mw2Wakj9JI=:v1:<xxxxxxxxx>
    url: <https://example.com>
oh due to of `pulumi.Config()`function
:param str name: The configuration bag’s logical name that uniquely identifies it. If not provided, the name
of the current project is used.
because of I’m using dynamic provider, so `project`in error above is the name of Dynamic provider that I’m working on
should be whatever name you have set in your Pulumi.yaml file
The problem is I’m working on Dynamic Resource provider, when I call `pulumi.Config()`it’ll return value of pulum:Internal in yaml file. buet when I call it from class
class ProjectProvider(ResourceProvider)
, it’ll get value from
. I also tried to add pulumi.Config(name=‘pulum’) but not work
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class Project(Resource)
    def __init__(self, name: str, args: ProjectInputs, opts: Optional[ResourceOptions] = None):
        super().__init__(ProjectProvider(), name, {**vars(args)}, opts)
the context is I want get the apiToken in config and pass it into Dynamic resource provider to make request while creating resource
oh, is’a a bug