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03/11/2024, 10:04 PM
Hello everyone, I have a strange issue using gcp from automations: context I have a "deployer service" that uses automations to create new services. This deployer runs within a K8s POD with a service account with admin privileges in GCP to create resources. This deployer was working like a charm; it was possible to create and deploy new services in GCP for instance: 1. a service account 2. a service account key 3. a domain record the issue After months, this deployer is unable to create resources again; no config has changed, no new additions, nothing. The strange behavior is even if it tries to create a service account and a key, nothing is created, no error, the only thing is returning undefined. this is a sample code
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    const name = args.tag
      ? `sa-${}-${args.tag.substring(0, 5)}`
      : `sa-${}`;
    this.resourceSAst = new gcp.serviceaccount.Account(name, {
      accountId: name,
      displayName: `${} ${args.tag} Service Account`,

    this.resourceSAkey = new gcp.serviceaccount.Key(`sa-key-${}`, {
      publicKeyType: 'TYPE_X509_PEM_FILE',

    this.privateKey = this.resourceSAkey.privateKey.apply<string>(
      (val) =>
HERE -->    JSON.parse(Buffer.from(val, 'base64').toString('utf8')).private_key,
The value of the application is undefined, with no errors and nothing. Any idea? any help would be more than appreciated