Hey All, I am facing one issue while deploying any...
# python
Hey All, I am facing one issue while deploying any agent on EKS cluster using Pulumi with Python, this is not only for LogDNA agent but for all, please let me know what I missed here.
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Exception: invoke of kubernetes:helm:template failed: invocation of kubernetes:helm:template returned an error: failed to generate YAML for specified Helm chart: failed to pull chart: chart "logdna/agent" version "203.9.1" not found in <https://assets.logdna.com/charts> repository
This is my code that I am using to deploy. Strange thing is chart version already exist, but still it's not pulling it.
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import pulumi
from kube import kube_provider
from pulumi_kubernetes import helm, core

# Define your Pulumi stack name
name = pulumi.get_stack()

# Define your Kubernetes provider targeting EKS
kube_provider = kube_provider

# Create the monitoring namespace if it doesn't exist
monitoring_ns = core.v1.Namespace(
    metadata={"name": "monitoring"},

# Replace "YOUR_INGESTION_KEY_HERE" with your actual LogDNA ingestion key
logdna = helm.v3.Chart(
        chart="logdna/agent",  # Chart name and directory
        namespace=monitoring_ns.metadata["name"],  # Target namespace
        version="203.9.1",  # Specific chart version
            repo="<https://assets.logdna.com/charts>"  # Use correct protocol specifier
        values={"ingestionKey": "YOUR_INGESTION_KEY_HERE"},

# Output the release name and namespace for reference
pulumi.export("logdna_release_name", logdna.release_name)
pulumi.export("logdna_namespace", logdna.namespace)
If I run the below it shows the version exist
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╰─ helm search hub logdna                                                                                                                                                               ─╯
URL                                                     CHART VERSION   APP VERSION     DESCRIPTION
<https://artifacthub.io/packages/helm/cloudnativ>...      1.0.0           1.5.6           Run this, get logs. All cluster containers. Log...
<https://artifacthub.io/packages/helm/logdna/agent>       203.9.1         3.9.1           LogDNA collector agent daemonset for Kubernetes.