has anyone had any luck with setting up Centralize...
# python
has anyone had any luck with setting up Centralized Monitoring to a central GCP project using python? specifically, when i run pulumi up the preview is all good but then pulumi hangs during the up and doesn't seem to complete after letting run for several minutes
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def monitoring(projectInfo, monitoringProjectID: str):
    resource_name="Monitored Project",
    name=projectInfo.project_id.apply(lambda id: f"projects/{monitoringProjectID}/monitoredProjects/{id}"),
idk about GCP specifically, but it's not necessarily weird for resources to take a long time to spawn
Azure's Application Gateway took 5min today
In the past, I've seen AWS VMs take 20min to fully spin up
yea, i've seen a GCP project take 5mins in the past. i'll let it run a little longer and see what happens
thank you @hundreds-gpu-71155!
quick update...it was the timeout...i waited 30mins and then got an error && it was one i could use to troubleshoot and fix my issue 🙂 thank you again!