# general


03/16/2024, 1:59 AM
I used the following command to generate some code to try to create a list of aws subnet.ids that I would like to pass on to a transit gateway attachment resource. The ai command does seem correct, but I am not familiar with lambdas, but when I try to pass this result on to the transit gateway attachment resource creationg, pulumi bombs saying it was getting a string rather than a alist. The pulumi.export does show it as a list but [0]: "subnet-x" [1]: "subnet-y" [2]: "subnet-z" Any idea what I may be doing wrong? It seems like I am not generating just a list of subnet ids.
Just to answer myself, things were working properly, I just referred to the in the transit gateway attachment resources erroneously. I learnt a few things with this grinding and I am pleasantly surprised with the docs + AI tool it is working out quite well for me.