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03/18/2024, 7:09 AM
Since upgrading provider versions to aws-apigateway v2.4.0 and aws 6.19.0, I'm having two problems 1. big diffs even right after an apply 2. the actions the apply takes, doesn't match the diff. only a tiny subset applies. This is after doing a
pulumi refresh
Sorry seems like it's been happening since around 2.2.0 I went back through my history and noticed it was only happening on the unpinned API gateway (I have 3, one is pinned to 2.1.0, two are unpinned, i.e. using later versions).
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type: aws-apigateway:RestAPI
      version: 2.1.0
I went and pinned them all to 2.1.0 and now I'm not getting any diffs immediately after an apply. The diffs are always the same and always look like this