# aws


03/18/2024, 4:52 PM
I am trying to produce an article / github repo to do AWS + EKS + istio + Load Balancer with end-to-end encryption and I would love to get some help or even find somone from Pulumi to collaborate. I really didn't find much on doing a proper setup of EKS + Load Balancer Controller, either old or with manual steps. What it does: • create VPC • create EKS • install istio • install kiali • create ALB Load Balancer using the AWS Load Balancer Controller without SSL termination (we want to do end-to-end encryption) and istio Ingress Gateway • TEMPORARY: use manually generated cert for SSL Termination at istio ingress gateway but SNI doesn't work, I need to use "*" as host in Gateway. • NOT WORKING PROPERLY: SSL Termination at istio ingress gateway using cert-manager with DNS verification • test Code for both is included Here is the repo: Here is the draft article Anyone want to help me cross the finish line, I am so close!