Hello everyone :wave: We have our pulumi stack as ...
# java
Hello everyone 👋 We have our pulumi stack as a java module in our monorepo, and have added it as a subproject to our root gradle settings. As per the Pulumi docs, the stack code base exposes the
gradle plugin, which is in turn being picked up by the pulumi runtime during stack provisioning. Recently, we have built another small service in this repo which also is supposed to be run as an
, and is falsely also being picked up by pulumi. Is there a way that I can limit the application scan to only the module in which the stack resides? I'm kind of trying to keep the stack as a submodule/-project in order to make sure that all subprojects use the same library versions, linters and static code analyzers
Ok so I have put the stack into its own gradle project now, taking the risk of version drift between projects. Is this something that might be remedied by tagging stack-subprojects with a dedicated pulumi gradle plugin?