# general


03/24/2024, 4:51 PM
Hey everyone! I would like to ask a question about managing Kubernetes resources. A standard way to go is using Helm + Kustomize, but as complexity grows, working with (essentially) plain YAML starts to show its limitations (e.g. managing different environments, configuration, any logic, etc.). Pulumi is able to render Kubernetes YAML, so my idea would be to replace Kustomize with a Pulumi program that generates K8s YAML. Note that this would NOT use Pulumi to manage K8s state, but really only generate YAML (this means any existing GitOps/Deployment setup stay exactly the same) Is anyone using Pulumi in this way? Can someone offer more insights on this idea?
as a follow-up question, what would be the difference between using Pulumi to generate K8s YAML vs using the K8s client libraries directly?