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03/25/2024, 4:34 PM
Hi I am setting up my first project with the yaml runtime for creating grafana cloud stacks and have the need to create 2 different resources with 2 different credentials. I have set the first credential using
pulumi config set grafana:cloudAccessPolicyToken <secret>
where `grafana:cloudAccessPolicyToken`` is used by the provider source code to get the credential automatically. Thus for the first resource, I am just doing
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    type: grafana:CloudStack
      description: Grafana cloud stack for dev
      regionSlug: us
      slug: grafanadev
and this works. But the second repo needs to be created with a different credentials. I can't update the config on the fly. For programming language based runtimes, I could pass the correct values to the constructor. Where do I pass the value in yaml? EDIT: I think I should mention that this second credentials is actually created by a pulumi resource and is available as an output. I want to use the output as the credentials for the next resource.