Hi there. I need help with a small issue regarding...
# pulumi-deployments
Hi there. I need help with a small issue regarding deployment settings. I created following code in my
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const deploymentSettings = new pulumiservice.DeploymentSettings(
    organization: orgName,
    project: projectName,
    stack: 'dev',
    github: {
      deployCommits: true,
      previewPullRequests: true,
      pullRequestTemplate: true,
      repository: 'wexcute/eevee-erp',
      paths: [`apps/${projectName}/**`],
    sourceContext: {
      git: {
        branch: 'refs/heads/main',
        repoDir: `apps/${projectName}/infra`,
    operationContext: {
      preRunCommands: ['sh build.sh'],
  { protect: true }
export const deploymentSettingsId = deploymentSettings.id;
// The URL at which the container's HTTP endpoint will be available
export const url = pulumi.interpolate`http://${loadbalancer.loadBalancer.dnsName}:${containerPort}`;
for some reason it was working before, and PR reviews were created when I open a new PR, but now it stopped working. I also don't see changes reflected on the console UI. Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong? I only need to setup deployment settings via cloud provider, and not via console UI, but I know they sync because this is how it looked when it was working 🤷‍♂️
This is surprising. What is the output of running
pulumi up
@red-match-15116 Thanks for the response. Actually
pulumi up
runs without any issues. last time for example I tried to change deployment setting name cause I read it has to be unique, but the issue still exists though
Hey yeah this is super weird. So generally, when you change the deployment settings it causes a replacement, and it's supposed to do a delete before create so that it can actually be updated. but it appears something is happening here where the delete is happening at the end. I'll DM you to get more info