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04/03/2024, 4:45 PM
I am using the Pulumi Snowflake Provider to manage my Snowflake infrastructure. I have separated out the project into several stacks. For example, I have a stack that is specific to the management of role objects themselves (call this Stack A) and another stack that is managing the grants between roles and users (Stack B). In the event that I’m looking to delete a role and the grants associated with that role, if I delete the role first using Pulumi, upon trying to delete the grants next, I get an error
Role does not exist or not authorized
, which makes sense. Is there a feature that allows for cross-stack dependency, in that if a grant is dependent on a role, that role in Stack A cannot be deleted until the grant in Stack B is deleted? dependsOn sounds like what I’m looking for, but it makes no mention of cross-stack dependencies.