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04/03/2024, 10:04 PM
When something calls
, where does that wind up? It looks like my code calls the "package" code, which calls
, which calls via grpc to the pulumi runtime, which I believe then uses a "plugin". I am debugging a post request in the azure-native provider and am hoping to find the part that is making the actual call
I have made much progress; including finding a "manifest" of sorts, of api endpoints / what paths and parameters they need. I did this by calling
against the compiled azure-native binary. I need to stop for tonight before this spirals 😄
This spiraled. I've installed ghidra and am learning golang by pure exposure. I can hear the protobuffs as they pass on the wire. They say "go to sleep". I'm not sure who they're talking to.


04/04/2024, 3:06 PM
Seems like you had more patience than me when going on a similar mission in an attempt to find/create a map between which azure-native resources interact with what Azure API namespace/provider. To explain my particular use case... I've compiled a metadata map on all the Azure services I've implemented in Pulumi which includes: • Azure namespace / provider / sub resource types • Naming rules and recommended name prefixes • Public DNS zone • Private Endpoint DNS zone I ended up manually "linking" the Pulumi resource classes to this metadata so I could do things like... Autoname any Pulumi resource in line with Cloud Adoption Framework's recommendations:
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Automatically create Private Link DNS zones and private endpoints by passing in an instance of a Pulumi resource and the metadata helper acquires required information like private dns zone to link, sub resource type etc...
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Would love for pulumi-azure-native to publish a map between resources and Azure provider...