Are the files in `~/.pulumi/workspaces/` safe to d...
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Are the files in
safe to delete? it looks like the format of the files is "name of project"-"string of chars"-workspace.json. e.g.
. Thing is, I have 3 files in there; but way more projects than that. And I see at least one file in there that is tied to a project that I just deleted. So: • what are these files for and are they actually used? • can they be deleted safely?
Yes, they're caches. If you went to a new machine, cloned and deployed an existing project, that directory would start off empty, and files would be created automatically by Pulumi during the process.
If you delete files that are still in use then you may have to do something to "fix" that. For example, if you delete credentials.json, you'll need to
pulumi login
again. But you don't ever need to keep those files.
is obvious. I am specifically asking about the files in
... and yes, thank you for answering. You said they're caches? so that's good. Does this mean though that maintenance and clearance of the files in
is up to me?
I don't know about that. The files in there are small enough that I never think about them. I've added ~/.pulumi to all my caches on my various pipelines (Bitbucket, GitHub, etc.), then I just forget about them.