hi all, I am struggling to get Lambda@Edge to work...
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hi all, I am struggling to get Lambda@Edge to work as expected, it is not a pulumi issue by the looks -as the docs are identical for Terraform as well But I am setting up my cloudfront in us-east-1, creating a lambda function with
- everything is deploying just fine, but I am not seeing any Lambda TRigger created for CloudFront, and it seems my lambdas are not being deployed to Lamda@Edge Is this really all that is required? In my CF distribution
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defaultCacheBehavior: {
    targetOriginId: contentBucket.arn,

    allowedMethods: ['GET', 'HEAD', 'OPTIONS'],
    cachedMethods: ['GET', 'HEAD', 'OPTIONS'],
    viewerProtocolPolicy: 'https-only',

    forwardedValues: {
      cookies: { forward: 'none' },
      queryString: false,

    lambdaFunctionAssociations: [
        eventType: 'origin-request',
        lambdaArn: blueGreenLambdaOriginArn,

    minTtl: 0,
    defaultTtl: tenMinutes,
    maxTtl: tenMinutes,
And I am creating my lambdas as follows (leaving out a lambda for brevity)
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const origin = archive.getFile({
  type: 'zip',
  sourceFile: 'blue-green-lambda-origin.js',
  outputPath: 'blue-green-lambda-origin.zip',
const blueGreenOriginLambda = new aws.lambda.Function(
    code: new pulumi.asset.FileArchive('blue-green-lambda-origin.zip'),
    name: 'cloudfront-blue-green-lambda-origin',
    publish: true,
    role: iamForLambda.arn,
    handler: 'blue-green-lambda-origin.handler',
    sourceCodeHash: origin.then((lambda) => lambda.outputBase64sha256),
    runtime: aws.lambda.Runtime.NodeJS18dX,
    provider: eastRegion,
I can see my lambdas exist As do the appropriate lambda associations on CF But the "Triggers" section in my lambdas is empty, and from what I understand this is required to actually deploy the lambda to edge?? Thanks in advance for any suggestions/ help
Update! I see now that It actually has created the trigger, it was just under version 2