Hey team, just wondering if dynamic provider suppo...
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Hey team, just wondering if dynamic provider support in golang is on the horizon?
dynamic providers are probably never going to happen for Go. They work by capturing the code used at runtime and saving it to the statefile, something that is probably impossible to do for Go. But we are looking at "side-by-side" providers, where you can just write a provider library next to your program, and then add some extra data to the Pulumi.yaml to tell the engine to look in that folder for a provider. That will then let you easily write a full Go provider using https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-go-provider, and use it without worrying about building and publishing the provider itself. All just kept local to the program folder.
@echoing-dinner-19531 Is there an issue for this? It feels like we are very close already. I’m imaging something like this:
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name: "my-pulumi-project"
runtime: go
    - name: mycomponent
      path: ./mycomponent
      run: go run ./...
      write-sdks-to: ./mycomponent/sdk
No issue raised for it, but we've got a prototype and it's very close to that.
I wonder how this would interact with the automation api.