python3.11 or python3.12? I've been told that 3.11...
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python3.11 or python3.12? I've been told that 3.11 is in "security" mode and 3.12 is in "bugfix" mode which i guess means 3.11 is slightly more "stable" - even though 3.12 is officially considered stable. Any thoughts on this or is this conversation a nothingburger?
Haven't run into any problems running Pulumi and various providers with Python 3.12 for a couple of months. What I usually do when a new Python version is released: • Wait for a couple of bug fix releases to come out – It's already in 3.12.3 now • Check that the libraries I'm using have explicit support – if not at least that there aren't major compatability issue being tracked ◦ Pulumi added support on feb 3: Just update and check your stacks for any unexpected changes or errors
3.11 is more "stable" in the sense that it will change less. but I would consider a new CPython release to be fine for general use as soon as it hits .0--that only happens after about a year of alphas, betas, and release candidates ( is the 3.12 release history and schedule) (Of course, not every library is ready to go as soon as .0 drops, but there's a lot of backwards compatibility)
Thanks friends. This does help a lot 🙏