This came up suddenly when i tried to create a cou...
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This came up suddenly when i tried to create a couple of new azure function apps. Resource is not created. Any thoughts on how to trouble shoot? Thank you!
Have experienced locks like these a few times for different services. My experience is that this is either becausee of • Some platform swapping/updating action happening at the same time and will resolve automatically – although unlikely since you are deploying a new function app • Misconfigurations in IaC code which are not handled properly by the Azure API – Sometimes a combination of settings you are able to set in a framework like Pulumi which the average click-ops user can't do in the UI Which Pulumi provider (pulumi-azure vs. pulumi-azure-native) and specific resource are you using? What do you have the
input property set to? I've seen some problems when this is not correctly set to
When navigating to the subscription or resource group you're deploying into and looking at Activity Log – do you see any more details on the error?
Thx for the suggestions. I used the azure-native, here is the code i used to provision the azure function app: self.az_function = web.WebApp( identity=self.create_user_assigned_id_evt_hub(),, resource_group_name=self.rg_name, location=self.location, kind="FunctionApp", opts =self.opts, server_farm_id=self.service_plan_id, site_config=web.SiteConfigArgs( linux_fx_version="PYTHON|3.11", app_settings=[ web.NameValuePairArgs(name="FUNCTIONS_WORKER_RUNTIME", value="python"), web.NameValuePairArgs(name="FUNCTIONS_EXTENSION_VERSION", value="~4"), web.NameValuePairArgs(name="AzureWebJobsStorage", value=self.sa_connection_string), web.NameValuePairArgs(name="FUNCTIONS_WORKER_RUNTIME", value="python"), web.NameValuePairArgs(name="LogDb_Master_Key", value=self.log_db_master_key), web.NameValuePairArgs(name="LogDb_Url", value=self.log_db_url), ], python_version="~4" ), https_only=True, storage_account_required = True, )
I can find the failure log, but not able to parse out much info yet. I ran into this last night, waited till the next day noon and tried again saw the same error. This happens to a new resource being provisioned, single product slot to keep it simple.
I tried to provision to a different location, failing with the same message.
2nd look it appears i have a duplicated env variable. once that's removed, it's happy!