Hello, I've been grappling with creating a Pulumi ...
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Hello, I've been grappling with creating a Pulumi provider for Ping Identity using an existing Terraform provider (terraform-provider-pingone) and the pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate. Progress has been slow, and I could really use some guidance. Is there anyone available who could take a look at it or lend a hand?
Hello @bulky-leather-8175, is the repository with your work public?
Let’s continue the conversation in #package-authoring.
You can find the repository here https://github.com/amar-ysabie/pulumi-pingone, I was following along this guide https://thulasirajkomminar.com/how-to-bridge-a-terraform-provider-to-pulumi-623db829f52f but get the following error when applying the make tfgen command "aysabie@DESKTOP-P02MI63:/mnt/c/Users/CC/Documents/stage 2024/Pulumi/pulumi-ping$ make tfgen [ -x /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin/pulumi ] || curl -fsSL https://get.pulumi.com | sh pulumi plugin install resource random 4.3.1 (cd provider && go build -o /mnt/c/Users/CC/Documents/stage 2024/Pulumi/pulumi-ping/bin/pulumi-tfgen-ping -ldflags "-X github.com/amar-ysabie/pulumi-ping/provider/pkg/version.Version=0.0.1-alpha.1713164331+59bf9295.dirty" github.com/amar-ysabie/pulumi-ping/provider/cmd/pulumi-tfgen-ping) github.com/pingidentity/terraform-provider-pingone@v0.0.0: missing go.sum entry for go.mod file; to add it: go mod download github.com/pingidentity/terraform-provider-pingone malformed import path "-ldflags": leading dash malformed import path "-X github.com/amar-ysabie/pulumi-ping/provider/pkg/version.Version=0.0.1-alpha.1713164331+59bf9295.dirty": leading dash make: * [Makefile53 tfgen] Error 1"