The instruction was in the output:
to add it:
go mod download github.com/pingidentity/terraform-provider-pingone
Do run this command in the
folder. Or to fetch all dependencies at once:
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$ cd provider
provider$ go mod tidy
Thanks for the quick response, i am pretty sure i am using the wrong link in my resource.go file at the moment i am using pingone "github.com/pingidentity/terraform-provider-pingone/pingone" and getting the error "go: github.com/amar-ysabie/pulumi-pingone/provider imports github.com/pingidentity/terraform-provider-pingone/provider: module github.com/pingidentity/terraform-provider-pingone@latest found (v0.27.1), but does not contain package github.com/pingidentity/terraform-provider-pingone/pingone". Itried using a couple of other options but to be honest i am not sure wich link i am supposed to provide here.