I am new to Pulumi and stuck in one problem. My re...
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I am new to Pulumi and stuck in one problem. My requirement is to keep container images for AWS lambda code in GHCR. Using Pulumi python code I want to first pull images and then create aws lambda functiona nd deploy the container images. Any help in terms of example or working code would be good help. I tried Pulumi AI but it is not giving option. The problem area for me are 1. How to pass authentication information to GHCR, 2. creating aws lambda function with the container image. Anyone tried this earlier and can confirm it this would be possible to achieve using Pulumi?
Yes, I've done both of these things; can't recall that I did them both in the same project, but yes, it works. We didn't configure GitHub credentials in anything related to Pulumi, we just used the normal personal access token method. You can use
in your repository's secrets section. You can't (afaik) use a local image directly. After you've pulled it from GHCR, you need to push it to ECR, and then you can use the
property of the Function constructor.