any idea how to migrate from this without breaking...
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any idea how to migrate from this without breaking changes?
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aws:ec2:SecurityGroup (stx-tickets-fr-backend-develop-alb-lb-sg):
    warning: Use of inline rules is discouraged as they cannot be used in conjunction with any Security Group Rule resources. Doing so will cause a conflict and may overwrite rules.
Please use the latest release of the AWS provider where this warning is reverted. Thank you!
Thank you Anton, it took me a while to find that it was reverted! Is a future chance for migration without breaking changes? it would be nice to have an
parameter similar to route53, or is this entirely dependent on TF provider?
I don't have the details worked out yet but we do realize this SecurityGroup situation is a big paint point for AWS users and started tracking it here - as part of 3806 we'd need to find what the recommended usage pattern is and how to migrate to it safely. I think at the moment we're quite beholden to what the upstream provider decides, but starting to look at options at Pulumi level since upstream is not committing to one recommended usage pattern for a while now. Please feel free to upvote for now or add any considerations there.