Hey hey - quick Q for y'all - are there any levers...
# pulumi-deployments
Hey hey - quick Q for y'all - are there any levers for pulumi deployment executors? I'm running into disk space issues which are unfortunately a blocker for full deployment usage.
We have seen disk space as an issue before (we personally hit disk space issues while dogfooding a large docker build). Right now the only workaround if self hosted agents but that available on BizCrit sku by default. We could look in the near future about increasing our default available disk space but there will always be someone who exceeds that. Is there anyway for you to calculate how much space you feel you need so we can start a discussion about giving more space?
Yeah, that's an interesting question. I think it depends on a couple things re: how the docker provider handles caching and gc. I'd say our average images are around 10gb, with some of them nearing 90-100gb at the moment. The builds happen in parallel, so some layers may be duplicated before they're added to the local cache, which definitely complicates things. I also opened this issue: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-cloud-requests/issues/381 if that's an easier place to discuss. Happy to follow up wherever is best for you!
Wow, 90-100G sounds a bit excessive? Assuming that the bulk of that is data, then maybe separating the data from the image might be the better path?
It's not exactly a tenable solution given our application topology in this case.