Another unrelated but possibly related issue - I h...
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Another unrelated but possibly related issue - I have an access token for this team that has read perms on a number of environments (see attached), but running
esc env get
gives me this errror:
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Error: getting environment metadata: [0]
Diags: You do not have permission to perform this operation.
wondering if there was some recent deploy to ESC perms on the backend that could’ve caused both of these issues or if i’m just having a bad day 😅
(this def worked before and from what I can tell I’ve made zero changes to anything related to this)
Can you read the environment in the console UI? Is it possible that environment imports another environment?
ahhhhh smart! It does and I granted access to them before, but I forgot I added a new env import to those envs today. adding that new env to the team fixed the issue. thank you!