another related question: i use `pulumi stack init...
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another related question: i use
pulumi stack init $STACK_NAME --secrets-provider="awskms://$SECRETS_KEY_ALIAS?region=$AWS_REGION"
from within the CI. This stores the secrets-provider into the stack configuration file. I don't want to have to check-in this stack configuration file, because it's running in the CI. Is there a way to regenerate the stack configuration file with the secrets provider configuration upon every run?
ok, found some info here. Normally
pulumi config refresh -s $STACK_NAME
should do this 🤞 let's see. It tells me
error: no previous deployment
for now but I need to test when actually deploying something.
ok I got`refreshed configuration for stack 'dev'` and I can then run it so I guess it's working