Is this an AWS plugin issue? Any idea how to figur...
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Is this an AWS plugin issue? Any idea how to figure out what the problem is?
What do you have in
pulumi config
prefix? Looks like
provider-level setting is not being recognized?
Yeah that was it thanks. Seems like maybe this changed between versions? It seems like it now just wants the role name or to provide an ARN it has to be an associative array. Not sure why my search didn’t show the config initially. 🤷‍♂️
Can you elaborate here, what was the version before, version after, and approximate values for aws:assumeRole? We try not to regress on this kind of thing and will be interested to take a look.
I had it set to an ARN in the format
. It’s possible that this was always wrong. This is a side project that I’ve been slowly converting from terraform over the past year. I come back to it every month or so to find it in whatever awful state I left it in last time. It was pulumi 3.68.0 and aws 5.41.0 now it is aws 6.29.0. It’s probably not a real issue. It would be nice if the docs were a bit clearer. “(Optional) Supports the following (optional) arguments” is a bit ambiguous. Does it mean that can be a single string (if so what format?) or does it have to be an associative array?
Right on, thank you. Looks like it expects a nested property under assumeRole.roleArn, so assumeRole is an object with multiple properties of which roleArn is the most important. I'll follow up on the docs. If this used to accept straight arn then this changed between 5 and 6 we missed calling this out in
Thanks for checking simple smile