Hi, are there any docs for migrating away from `aw...
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Hi, are there any docs for migrating away from
no docs, just gotta roll up your sleeve and do it. Which components are you looking to migrate from?
VPCs and ALBs - ideally I'd write my own components instead. the code is still in
I have 27 VPCs to deal with. 6 VPCs are custom pulumi component with classic aws 21 VPCs are awsx 0.4 and sprinkles of
here and there. My goal is to unify the code into a manageable structure. EG. writing my own component that gives me more control. I am wondering what would be the least destructive way to achieve it. Possibly even stable
awsx 1.x
is a good result. my migration strategy atm is: 1) make a note of all resource IDs 2) prepare a custom component - so that I have a parent (workaround for import bug not creating ComponentResources) 3) start importing stuff step 3 would be easier if all resources are in a similar shape
That sounds like a very reasonable plan! I had an idea for some tooling mentioned before for automating this scenario https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/15913 but we don't have something ready for this. It seems to be a common need though when a Component resource doesn't meet your needs, making it easier to unpack and repack and make modifications.